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Since 1932, the Dyer Memorial Library & Archives has been the Massachusetts South Shore's research center for genealogists and family historians of every skill level.

We are able to provide researchers with access to some of the most important and valuable genealogy and local history research tools for our region. Our resources are numerous, touching on hyper-local Abington, Rockland, and Whitman information, as well as broad resources about American, Irish, English, Scottish, and some Canadian ancestry.

Researchers for generations to come will enjoy the opportunity to use the numerous resources and files to learn about family life in Old Abington and the South Shore and find their connection to Massachusetts and New England history.



Genealogy Resources

The Dyer Memorial Library is one of the premier local history and genealogy research libraries in the region. Our genealogy collection is one of the richest on the Massachusetts South Shore. The library has a vast collection of materials to help anyone doing genealogical research.

The Dyer's resources include,

Mayflower Families - Silver Books

Massachusetts Census - 1855 and 1865

Abington-Whitman Directory 1889


Genealogy Collections

Our extensive genealogy collection contains the personal research papers and family pedigree charts of many Abington, Rockland, and Whitman families. (This list is not comprehensive.)


Genealogy Research

Getting Started

When working on your genealogy, here are some tips and best practices to keep in mind:

1. Start with the known. 
Begin with yourself, getting your birth certificate and other records. Then get the records of your parents, and so on, backwards.

2. Talk to family members.
Ask your relatives about your family history. Often, family members remember stories or information, or possess documents, that can help start you on your way.

3. Write everything down.
You can start with a simple notebook or a genealogy program on your computer, but you'll want to have one place where you keep all of your information.

4. Write dates in a standardized format.
Write dates as 23 Feb 1890. This will leave no question as to year, month, and day of any event.

5. Keep a research log.
You can use a pre-formatted form, a computer, or another notebook, but it's important to list every resource you have checked and the information you did and did not find.

What to Bring on a Genealogy Research Trip

Nothing is worse than arriving at the library and finding that the needed information is left at home. Focus your research plan to be prepared. Here are items to have on a to-bring list:

Hire a Professional

Do you need help tracing your ancestry? The Dyer Memorial Library is pleased to recommend these Professional Genealogists who can assist you with your research goals.